What Women Are After From Male Escorts

what women expect from male escorts

If a woman is giving a male escort an envelope with hundreds of dollars, she’s not going to fake it. She’s going to demand orgasm when paying for it. The sign that a male escort has done a well job is when her knees are shaking. Here are some of the reasons why male escorts’ clients keep on coming back for more.


It’s more than just the orgasm

Male escorts do not expect orgasm when they go into their job. That’s now what he is usually paid for, unless his clients unambiguously requests for it. He takes the spotlight off of himself and makes his clients top priority. If asked for it, male escorts focus mainly on a woman’s orgasm.


Massage skills

One of the most requested service from male escorts are massages; sometimes non-erotic but most of the time erotic. Male escorts don’t just give an absent-minded back rub, they always up the game by giving their clients a really good professional type of massage.


Groomed like a porn star

Male escorts are groomed down there to make sure they look sexy for their women clientele. They always make sure that they are trimmed and properly groomed to make it more exciting for women.


The power of kissing

A solid make out session is something that really turns on any woman. Kissing is considered as the foreplay to foreplay, According to male escorts, kissing should not be limited to the lips of a woman. It should be on all parts of her body. They kiss a woman up and down her back, the tips of her fingers and inside her thighs as well. These are the parts of a woman’s body that really turns her on that will ultimately take the sex up to another level.


The importance of foreplay

This is an obvious that is worth repeating over and over again. If a woman is paying an escort a minimum, which is about 2 hours, there won’t be any pillow talk after sex, instead an hour and a half will be spend for foreplay and the remaining half hour is for the sex itself. Male escorts always make sure that a woman is ready for his hardness and everything that will take place.


Matching her kinkiness

All women have a tendency to have a kink edge to her, which could be handcuffs or even anal play. Male escorts make it a point to always provide what their clients are asking but at the same time not going beyond what they want. What it means is that if she’s asking for kinkiness like that of a boyfriend, that’s what they’ll give and not something out of the book Fifty Shades.


They always make sure there’s no ‘I’ in sex

It always takes two to have sex. According to male escorts, even if it’s just for one night, having sex with a client turns into a relationship. Sex is not just part of a relationship; it can be its own relationship.